Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Collection!

Rose Gold Brushes... how could anyone not want to buy these?! Ladies ( & gentlemen) this is the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Collection... like always I'm late jumping on the bandwagon and theses babies have been extremely raved about and popular for months now, but still they do deserve a blog post to themselves!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review: No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

So the offers and vouchers finally got the better of me,  I went into Boots for cotton wool and came back with this treat. I don't tend to buy from No7 because I just associate it with being quite expensive, but there's so many vouchers floating around that I decided to try out their concealer (which I reviewed last week) and this foundation which seems to suggest quite a good coverage.
It is does give quite a dewey look so a powder is a necessity with this foundation (unless you want to look like you've fun a marathon!) but as I mentioned earlier, the coverage is really nice. 
I also like how the shade is matched so well to my skin tone, when it comes to buying other drugstore foundations it's very hard to find your exact shade; alone, under pressure, in bad shop lighting and with a small selection of shades. But No7 have developed their skin photo thingymajiggy (see other blog post) which helps to match you with the closest foundation shade to your skin, and the best part- you don't have to do a thing (apart from sit super still!) You also get to try it out in the shop, so you won't waste money on a foundation which is in fact too dark or too light for you.
There was a wide variety of shades which means there is a shade for everyone and for £14.50 I think it's pretty good value myself.
So after trying this foundation, I really do like it for a slightly fuller coverage, its great for a night out and makes your skin feel really quite nice, so... No7... it's a big thumbs up from me! hehe

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Review: Benefit They're Real Mascara

I am mega late on the bandwagon with this product but still glad I've finally got my hands on this little gem! The benefit 'They're Real!' mascara has been around for sometime but continuously raved about so when I saw it sold with a sample of the new eyeliner and make up remover, I just had to get it! 

The actual mascara wand is plastic with a ball at the top for those harder to reach lashes, I love this feature as it does add volume to my lashes because I'm able to apply more mascara to my outer lashes *win win* 
I do find that although it isn't clumpy and is great for separating the lashes, it doesn't give me as much length as some products do, but Its still an amazing product, it's also super hard to fully remove. Benefit do sell their own 'They're Real' makeup remover but it's pretty pricey for a makeup remover, so I'm not sure I'd purchase that- but it's certainly a good marketing idea from Benefit! 
The mascara costs £19.50 and can be purchased from many of the larger Boots stores and also department stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser. Actually; one really fun thing to do is to get the makeup artists at the Benefit counters to test out the products on you, sometimes if you ask they will do all of your makeup for free using Benefit products of your choice, with no pressure to buy any of the products, which can be a great thing to do before a night out or as a girly day out :) 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review: No7 Concealer Stick

Do any of you end up with millions (slight exaggeration) of those £3 off No7 Cosmetics vouchers over the summer?! Basically; that's the story behind this concealer. I have always been intrigued by the No7 concealers as they don't seem to be that talked about-  I'd never really seen what the packaging looked like... (to many of you that may sound bizarre) BUT ANYWAY; I went ahead and asked the lovely woman at the counter about the concealer, she did the skin photograph whatchamacallit which suggested my foundation/concealer shade and tested out the concealer on my jaw line. 
I've never tried a concealer in this format, usually I go for the doe foot applicator and a liquidy concealer as they seem more moisturising and less likely to crease, but I was quite taken aback with how creamy the formula of this concealer was. It is less likely to crease than many stick concealers and seems to give a very full coverage, it's AMAZINGGG at covering up those dam spots which appear just when they are most unwanted (not that I ever enjoy a spot)! 
Price-wise; it's very good value, it was £7.50 (not including the vouchers) which isn't that much more than some of the standard drug store companies. I usually find No7 can be slightly pricey but not in this instance, so for £4.50 this was a pretty yummy concealer.
The only down side I can think of, is that I do find it slightly tricky to apply this concealer because I never know what the done thing is with stick concealers. Do you use a brush directly on the concealer to your blemish (And what brush?!), do you use a finger? I'm not so sure directly applying the stick to blemishes is wise (yes I did try and its really tricky around the eyes!). If any of you are able to solve my issue surrounding application then that would be great but otherwise I shall continue to enjoy this lovely, high coverage, creamy stick of goodness (that sounded rather odd, sorry!)

Thursday, 31 July 2014

FOTD: Frozen inspired

Recently I was sorting through all my blog photos (my laptop is mega unorganised!) and came across this make up look which I had never published, and I actually quite liked the look I'd gone for! I seem to remember this being based on some of the make up in 'Frozen' when I was obsessed- *sings along to Let IT Go'*...!
ANYWAY;  If you have read many of my posts you wouldn't be shocked to find out I used the Urban Decay Naked Palettes for this look (I really need to become more adventurous with eyeshadows!) and just blended out Gunmetal grey with a cream coloured shadow in the inner corner. It was a very heavy look as the eyeliner is quite thick so definitely a more evening'y look, but either way I am really pleased with the way this make up look turned out! Like usual I didn't go for bold lips- I feel I should really try out more lipsticks and be a little less guarded about using lip colours but for this look I didn't want to distract from the dramatic eye look, so that is today's excuse, hehe! 
Hope you all enjoyed this post; I'm off to go and watch Frozen again, as if I havent watched it enough!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Review: Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

This mascara has featured in two of my videos now, so I thought it deserved a little blog post dedicated solely to this little gem of a mascara. I know I'm mega late jumping on this bandwagon but this mascara is so good! The consistency of the mascara is really nice and doesnt seem too thick for a waterproof mascara and along with the wand means it doesn't clump your eyelashes and can be applied really nicely. 

As you can see, the wand is quite big and made of fibre rather than plastic so it really seperates out the lashes and definitely gives a more volumised finish, which I love. I also like how it isn't an absoloute pain to remove like most other waterproof mascaras, with the right make up remover it can be removed with little scrubbing, but it is certainly waterproof as it passed the 'Fault in Our Stars Movie Test' and the mascara did not budge through my many tears, so another bonus from this little gem! 

I would love to try another mascara from Maybelline as it seems like quite a nice brand and so far I have been impressed with products I have purchased; so if any of you have any reccommendations then please tweet me or leave a comment below :) 

Make Up Free Month!

Quite a different post today; but I've been wanting to write this post for quite a while now, for a month during my A-level exams I went a month with no make up... not even a spot of concealer or mascara...make up free. At first I was a little nervous and worried because make up seems to be a barrier or 'mask' you can put on everyday to make yourself feel more confident and dressed up, that's how I see it for me anyways. But over the month I began to accept myself for the natural me rather than the 'made up' one who has contoured cheek bones and longer eye lashes. It felt quite refreshing being able to get up and leave rather than spending half an hour applying make up, not to say I don't enjoy doing it! 

Maybe this is my version of the whole 'No Makeup Selfie' thing, but I just felt that not wearing makeup at all actually improved the physical appearance of my skin but also the way I perceived myself, I mean some of you may be reading this and thinking its all a bit dramatic but these are simply my personal thoughts. Before this; I would have never felt confident going out with no make up on, especially to college where for the two years I was there, had never gone a day without mascara or concealer. But I feel like now, I am far more comfortable to just head out into town or to friends' houses and not feel the need to make an effort with my face! 

In addition; my skin physically improved...Alot. It was almost like a skin detox and gave my skin time to heal from spots and blemishes which had left my skin looking a little down, especially with all the stress. But now I don't need to wear foundation a lot because my skin has improved quite a bit and I don't feel I need to hide behind foundation all the time, I've learnt to embrace the freckles! 
Saying all this; it doesn't mean I don't wear make up now- I still love applying different looks and messing around with it, it just means that I don't feel I have to wear it all the time and don't feel judged everytime I go out without it. 
It probably sounds ridiculous to many of you reading this, but I truly think going make up free for a month helped my confidence a lot, it also saves a lot of money, as I wasn't buying replacement make up products every few weeks, so as an incentive you could put all the money you would normally spend in a month in a jar and buy a high end product at the end as a reward, or simply do it for yourself, but I would certainly reccommend a skin detox, even if it's just for a week! 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Product Review: L'Oreal Glam Bronze Golden Bronze 06

I've been looking around at other bronzers for the spring, because as much as I love the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer; I don't have the same tan I did before, and it was beginning to look a little too orange on me. This bronzer was recommended by 'Zoella' on her April Favourites as not being "too muddy" and a nice colour, as you can see from the packaging it looks like quite a pale bronzer so I was really excited to try this bronzer. 
To begin with; the packaging is really sturdy and great for 'chucking' in a makeup bag (not that I do that of course ;) ) and also, because it has to click to open and close, it doesn't easily open and close in my bag. 
So nothing else is turned orange- isn't that just the worst thing?!

With regard to the colour, it did actually come out a little darker than expected but gave a really gorgeous summery glow which really did last all day, which was great for wearing over the areas that the sun would normally hit, especially as it is quite a matte bronzer as well. Once it has been blended in it doesn't seem so dark but at the moment I am definitely loving this bronzer, ALOT. 

Another plus, is the secret compartment underneath (which did actually take me a few hours to discover haha) which contains a little brush and a mirror. The mirror is so so useful, I wish more products followed this design as it means I don't have to carry around mirrors etc for my make up so makes life that little bit easier when I'm in a rush! I cannot see the point in the brush, if I'm being really honest- unless you want to draw whisker style lines up your face! It's so thin!?! But kind of them to include it all the same.

Ooh another artistic close up of this bronzer, how nice is the colour though?! 

Overall; I'd reccomend this bronzer as it's a gorgeous matte colour and gives a really gorgeous, natural glow- which is much needed during exam season (considering I've practically lived in a cave). It can be bought for around £6.99 from Superdrug or Boots, so is pretty good value for what it is and at the moment they have many 3 for 2 offers, so it's definitely worth picking up.

Saturday, 17 May 2014


 Since coming onto the blogging scene, I have always had my eyes on the Naked Palettes, everyone who had them seemed to rave about their pigmentation, the colour range and how they last so long! All of which made me want to buy one of the palettes even more! I bought Naked 2 as a form of much needed retail therapy (really really helps ;) ) for 20% off which was amazing! I put off buying Naked 3, trying to persuade myself that I really didn't need another 12 'naked' eyeshadows- but there's only so much persuading I could do before the gorgeous, rose-gold, Naked 3 ended up in my basket! I actually only purchased Naked 1 the other day as I had a £10 off code for Feel Unique and I couldn't turn down such an amazing deal- and that's what spurred me on to write this post (a little late to the band wagon, but "better late than never" right?!)

Naked 1 has some gorgeous matte browns, such as 'Buck' and 'Naked' which are perfect for subtle nude looks and blending into the crease or brow bone if you don't want anything to OTT. It also contains 'Gunmetal' which is an eyeshadow shade I have been after for a while. This palette certainly doesn't fail to live up to my expectations, it's all you could want in a palette and more! Naked 1 seems to be an all-rounder, it has a really wide range of shades from quite dark to really quite bright.

I would say, of the three palettes, Naked 1 and 2 are most similar in the shades, and I think one or two colours including 'Half-Baked' are featured in both. Naked 2 seems to take on a darker brown tone which is perfect for working into the crease and using for smokey eye looks! My ultimate favourite shade has to be 'Bootycall' (third from left), its a shimmery pearl colour which I wear on a daily basis without fail to brighten up my eyes- look how beautiful it is!!!

As you can see in the photo; Naked 3 takes on a rose-gold theme, all the browns seem to have a pink undertone. I LOVE this palette, and use a lot of these colours for use on my eyelid as the shimmery pinks are just gorgeous! These colours will be amazing for spring and summer as they are quite light and shimmery and would look gorgeous with a tan.

Many of you may think I'm mad for buying all three, I'm inclined to agree but it became my little obsession and I just felt the need to complete the family! It certainly isn't a waste having all three as all the colours are different and can be mixed around and used for different things, so I am certainly glad I bought all three- but if I were to reccomend just one to buy.... I'd have to say Naked 1 as it has a large range of light to dark shades and some really gorgeous matte browns... But then again; I cannot live without 'Bootycall' sooo it's a really tough decision! I JUST LOVE THEM ALL!
These palettes aren't the cheapest in the world, they are around £37 each so do take a chunk out of the bank, which is why I bought them gradually over time and not all in one go! But they are 100% worth every penny and I couldn't recommend them more!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

FOTD: Gunmetal Grey

As you all will probably know if you follow me on twitter or instagram, I recently picked up the Naked Palette for £10 off the original price ( I am definitely an addict!)- but seriously- £10 off was too good a bargain to miss! -and so a night out proved the perfect opportunity to play around with the smokey, darker colours in the palette- My eyes were particularly drawn to 'Gunmetal', which I am wearing on my actual eyelid in the photo. It's a really gorgeously pigmented matte grey colour which is perfect for this look. 
I blended 'Buck' into my crease first, along with a little bit of 'Hustle' to blend in the grey colour, and used the L'Oreal super slim eyeliner along the lash line, and my new favourite ever mascara 'L'Oreal telescopic. 
You may notice that my eyeshadow has quite a harsh line on the outer edge, this is because I used sticky tape whilst I was blending to create these harsh lines, I think doing make up like this can make it look a little tidier, but also gives a great 'template' for an eyeliner wing to make it more accurate on both sides- because we all know eyeliner can be a pain in the ass at the best of times!!! 
ANYWAYS; This look is great for a night out, it's quite a subtle smokey eye because of the brown blended into the crease as opposed to black or dark grey, which can make it perfect for during the day as well, 'Gunmetal' could be replaced for a lighter colour if you didn't fancy going so dark or even a darker colour for an evening occasion- it's such a versatile look!  

I opted for natural lips with this look so that the focus was drawn to the eyes as they were the main feature, and just a touch of bronzer on my cheeks to add some colour! 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Vintage Cake House, Farnham

I love finding new/quirky cafes to add to my list of favourites and The Vintage Cake House, Farnham is definitely up there, it's an independant cafe along Downing Street in Farnham (Not London- although tea with the Prime Minister would be interesting!) which to me makes the whole experience a lot better than a standard chain cafe- as the name says, everything in it was very "vintagey"- you probably already guessed, but still. As you can see, all the cups and saucers were all individual designs which just made the whole thing really cute- the design kind of reminded me of Cath Kidston. I wanted to photograph everything as it was just so gorgeous, but you get the general idea! 
The staff  were really pleasant and the food was really really good, we ordered cream tea which was a scone  (they were delicious!) with a little cup of jam and cream, and obviously a pot of tea! I think it was about £5-6 per person which is a really good price, and such a lovely thing to do as a break from revision or work with a group of friends.

(Look at the little cups- so cute!) 

( So hard to not eat this before photographing, it tasted so yummy! If you do get to visit The Vintage Cake House, I recommend the fruit scones)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post about my day out, it's something a little different but if you know of any cute cafes in the Hampshire area, my friends and I definitely do not mind trying them out hehe, we are all up for more tea and cake! 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review: LOreal Infalliable 24H Foundation

So after being stuck in doors revising for the last few weeks, I went a little mad in Boots (my local drugstore, for any americans) - and one of my purchases was this L'oreal foundation. It cost me around £10 but was on a 3 for 2 offer, so I went a little crazy! It's the first L'Oreal foundation I've tried so quite excited to see if my skin looks like Cheryl Cole- kidding! (I'm not kidding) 
When I first applied it; I did notice that it doesn't sit well on dry patches of skin, but to be fair, there aren't many products which would, and moisturising my skin more it sat really nicely on my skin. The other thing, was that it has a very yellow undertone as opposed to peachy/pink, at first it was I was a little worried as I haven't tried foundations in this tone,  but with blending and a little powder it seemed to match my skin tone- which was a bonus. I always find it so hard choosing the right colour with drugstore foundations- there's no one there to help you - I don't want to look orange!
It has a very nice consistency, quite liquidy but not so much that it runs off your hand, I'd say a similar consistency to Rimmel Wake Me Up; and the other great thing is that it comes with a pump; I know there's some L'Oreal foundations which don't have one- I'd be so scared to waste loads of product! I'm bad enough with the pump!
I only use half to one pump and this seems to go quite a long way, it does take a while to buff in, so isn't a foundation to use when you are in a mega panic morning- but great for if you have a bit more time. It seemed to give me a really nice matte finish, and also a really nice coverage, enough to cause people to comment on how great my skin was looking!
Finally; it seems to last sooo long! I know this because *confession time* I did leave my make up on over night the other day (naughty I know) but when I woke up, my skin looked as it did when I went to bed, so if anyone is planning a mad 24 hour party/staying awake session, then this is the foundation to go to!
It is honestly my new favourite and I will 100% be replacing it when it has all gone!
 So far so good; and I'm really excited to continue using this foundation over the summer! 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

DIY: Chocolate Easter Nests

LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE... I want to cuddle them all! (the chicks... not the cakes...) If I haven't said already; HAPPY EASTER! Congratulations for anyone who managed to complete lent (I certainly did not); but I applaud you if you managed to survive for that long! This post is actually about the cakes behind the chicks; An easter tradition of mine has been to make little easter treats for my friends, these nests in particular. They're really quick and easy to make and taste amazing- if I say so myself! They are a nice alternative to giving everyone easter eggs and adds a bit of a personal touch to easter chocolate. 
You can just make them with melted chocolate, but I use butter, golden syrup and melted chocolate to add a bit of a richer flavour and to keep them a little softer too. 

* 75g Butter
* 250g Melter Chocolate (plain or milk, both work great)
* 2-3 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup
* 100g Shredded Wheat
* Mini Eggs (3-4 per nest)

What to do:
1- Melt the butter, syrup and chocolate in a pan and stir until it's all combined
2- Crush up the shredded wheat and add this to the pan
3- Transfer a couple of spoonfuls to paper cake cases in a baking tray
4- Try and leave a little 'dent' in the centre for the eggs
5- Place 3-4 eggs into the centre
6- Place the baking tray in the fridge for an hour or so

If you can get hold of some cute easter baskets, these can make a gorgeous gift for someone on easter, or at the end of an easter egg hunt, I hope you guys are having a brilliant bank holiday weekend and indulging in plenty of chocolate;  if you've attempted these cute easter nests; feel free to tweet me a photo @ellacatherine3, I'd love to see your attempts  

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review: L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

OMG GUYS THIS MASCARA IS SOMETHING ELSE! Seriously, If you haven't tried it already, you really really need to! I noticed a couple of my friends have it and they have amazing lashes and also a LOT of youtubers seem to rave about it, so I thought- It's 3 for 2, why not give it a go? To say I'm glad I bought it, is an understatement- It's insane! No exageration my eyelashes literally doubled in length after one coat, I did find I needed to use an empty brush to seperate my lashes out a little- but that's just how I like my lashes. Lashes are quite a personal style, no? 
The brush is a plastic applicator and when I first saw it, I did wonder whether it would actually do anything as there seems to be nothing of it! But I was very wrong, I think the smaller applicator makes it easier to reach the base of the lashes, which is one of the reasons this mascara is so ace.
It cost around £10.99 so is on the pricier end of drug store cosmetics, but it's 100% worth every penny and is most definitely the best mascara I have used so far- so if you haven't ordered it/run down to Boots by now then you really should. I don't think it's raved about enough- or perhaps I'm just very late to jump on the band wagon?! 
To make it a little easier for you, I shall kindly put the link below hehe! 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Review: Loverdose by Diesel

Bit of a different review this week; I thought I'd share my thoughts on Loverdose by Diesel because, well it's my current favourite perfume and smells insanneeee! First, let me just say; how cool is the bottle - I love how edgy and 'rebel' it is- its quite robust for throwing in a handbag too and looks great in my little collection.
The scent is gorgeous, I am so bad at describing scents, but I'd say it has quite a sweet edge to it, not too floral either.  I'd say it's more leather jacket than flowery top if that makes any sense to anyone else? Made sense in my head, haha! It lasts all day too so you don't need to keep spraying it, which is a bonus as it  means the perfume lasts for quite a while and people have asked what I'm wearing as I smell nice- so if that doesn't persuade you to buy this beauty, I don't know what will?! I just want to bathe in it- that may be a bit of a waste- but  you get the idea!
You can buy it in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml; all of which vary in price but I have found it for sale at the Perfume Shop here for maximum of £49.99 for 75ml, and for a long lasting, gorgeous smelling perfume it's pretty well priced, so I shall definitely be re-purchasing when mine runs out.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Face Brush Collection

The final instalment of my make up brush collection is my Face Brushes. I use these for; foundation, concealer, powder, bronzers, blushers etc- you name it! I only own a few but it means I manage to use all of them, obviously there are others on my wish list- such as the MAC angled contour brush! *hint- mum if you're reading this*

For foundation my go-to brush is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (there will be a recurring theme with Real Techniques). It's a great size for foundation because it's not too small so doesn't take ages to blend foundation into my face and leaves a really nice finish. I found using a standard flat foundation brush left streaks on my face and didn't look too appealing.

Under my eyes I tend to apply concealer with my fingers, but for blemishes I use the Real Techniques (yep- here again) Expert Face Brush. It still puzzles me as to how people can apply their foundation with this brush as it's so tiny, but it's certainly great for concealer application and also applying powder in areas such as around the nose or under the eyes

When I first got into applying foundation and all that malarcky- I would use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Yep; I know, RT again!). But once I aquired the buffing brush I began to use the Stippling for blusher (After washing it of course! I'm not that bad!) and powdererd highlighters- it leaves such a gorgeous finish with blushes and really blends them in nicely.

All my brushes for my face seem to be Real Techniques! I should have called this post-  "My Real Techniques Collection" but they're genuinely a great, affordable brand to use, and also very easy to get hold of, both online and in drugstores- I would love to try out some other brands such as Crown or MAC, so if you've tried any of these and get on really well then comment below or tweet me links 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Healthy Breakfast Muffins

My love for food and trying to eat less and even more healthily is quite a challenge- I love baking and trying out new recipes but I was trying not to eat as much- who doesn't lick the bowl after cooking? I began to realise that doing that equates to a few cakes ;) If you've just looked at your computer blankly, then you definitely need to re-evaluate your cooking technique- because eating the remaining raw mixture should be a step in the instructions. 
ANYWAY; I found a recipe on this new app I've been using, more of that in a mo... which was for "Healthy Breakfast Muffins". Being kind of intrigued, I clicked the recipe and found some muffins made with no butter or sugar, instead they use mashed  banana and apple and yoghurt. This automatically makes them so much better for you and they still taste really great and have a really nice, cakey texture to them. 
Instead of blueberries I used raspberries, because... that's basically what I had in my fridge. What I loved about these little gems were I could eat them and not feel so bad for snacking because they really aren't that bad for you and are really light. Went down a treat with my family too! And also, they are so versatile- so  as I said I swapped the bluberries for raspberries and you can add pumpkin seeds or additional fruit and they still taste great. 

The app which I was using is called 'Yummly' and it basically collects together loads of recipes from all over the internet into one app- so you can search for a specific ingredient or dish and it'll show you different variations which has certainly encouraged me to be more adventurous with my food and certainly making my lunches alot more interesting! Being healthy doesn't have to be boring!