Friday, 24 January 2014

17 Brows That Review

This week; I thought I would review the 'Seventeen' Brows that Brow kit. Quite a nifty little palette which contains a brow wax, brown shadow and a highlighter. It also comes with a little brown pencil and brush. I do love this product and for the price of £6 its really quite good. I've never liked filling in my brows with a pencil as I feel its far too easy to make your brows look fake.That is just a personal thing- there are so many people who are incredible at eyebrow pencilling.I am not one of those- hence the use of shadow! I always used a shadow from a massive palette and so when going away or transporting make up- brows were always an issue. This little kit has definitely solved the problem; I mean it isn't tiny but its a far better size to be carrying around with me. 

It even gives you some instructions to aid you in eyebrow filling in- usually I don't have time to do all of these steps and tend to use my own angled brush and the brown shadow to just fill in my brows- it means I get an extra 5 minutes in bed! But for parties and nights out I go all out, gel, pencil and powder. 

The sleek packaging looks quite nice and not too cheap which I really like and it just slots perfectly into my little make up collection- for anyone looking for a brow kit I would highly recommend this one, especially for the price of £6 as well! 

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