Monday, 13 January 2014

Bourjois Bronzing Powder Review

I shall firstly apologise for a very serious lack of blogging! Now it is the new year I shall try really really hard to blog at least once a week and upload a video once a week! I'm beginning to keep my blog for looks and reviews and then posts such as "What's in my bag" etc to the wonderful world of YouTube. On the subject of reviews; we have this gorgeous little gem of a bronzer. Sold by Bourjois it smells absolutely divine and looks great when used to contour. It's the 'Chocolate Bronzer' and there is an underlying scent of chocolate but its not overly powerful which to me is really nice- as lovely as it is; I'm not sure I like the idea of my face smelling like a chocolate! I do love the design though; as you open it up it does look rather delicious- quite inviting to just dip in your brush and contour.  

It blends really really nicely but is quite dark on me so needs a lot of blending in when used as a contouring colour- I think they may be a couple of different shades, but don't hold me to that! If I am correct in what I say then I have shade 51. I have used it every single day and haven't got near to reaching pan yet- another bonus!
The other thing I like about it is the way it's all packaged. The cardboard- style packaging is really quite rigid but also slimline. There are two perks to the shape for me anyways; one being the fact its very thin and easy to fit in a make up bag and also its so indestructible (saying that; I shall probably drop it now!) What I really mean is; when 'shoved' in a makeup bag the packet is much more sturdy and 'shove' prove than some of the plastic bronzers I have.
You can pick up this beauty at Boots for around £7 and I would say it's well worth the money and great for a drugstore bronzer! If anyone has any other bronzer recommendation; both drugstore and high end please leave a comment as I'm always up for trying new products.


  1. I've been lusting over this bronzer for ages! Sadly Bourjois is on the pricier side here in Canada. I should just take the plunge already because it is just so well-loved by many. Thanks for your review! :) x