Saturday, 5 April 2014

Eye Make Up Brush Collection

 I by no means have a massive collection of make up brushes, in fact it's kind of cute and small;  but I certainly love the ones I own, so I thought I would talk you through a couple of the brushes I use everyday- I say "talk", I shall 'write' you through- hehe! 

So; for my eyebrows I use a Models Own 'angled brush' which is great because it picks up the colour perfectly, not so much they I end up with blocks on my face but it really blends in the colour making my eyebrows looks pretty natural, I'd say. 

There are two brushes which are my holy grail brushes, EVER. They really blend in the colour really well, leaving no solid lines of eyeshadow. They are... *drum roll* The MAC 217 and MAC 234. The 234 is much larger and is a split fibre eye brush. One half of it is synthetic and the other not, which is an interesting idea I hadn't really heard much about before buying this brush. I tend to use this brush for blending out my lid colour onto my brow bone. 
      The 217 has to be my favourite of the two! It's amazing at blending in dark colours into the crease and leaving a really nice blurred effect without any harsh lines. It cost around £18 from MAC but is definitely well worth the money, It's made such a difference to the way my eyeshadow looks. 

We all have those days where eyeliner is a big pile of poo. That's where my secret weapon comes in, a saviour for the days where eyeliner doesn't want to co-operate. It's the eco tools eyeliner blending brush, with synthetic bristles and a really thin tip, using this and a black eyeshadow, I'll just blend in the eyeliner and then uneven edges don't really matter. 

If you guys have any brushes you've really been loving and would reccomend definitely leave me a link to reviews or comment below as I'm always up for trying new products.

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