Saturday, 12 April 2014

Face Brush Collection

The final instalment of my make up brush collection is my Face Brushes. I use these for; foundation, concealer, powder, bronzers, blushers etc- you name it! I only own a few but it means I manage to use all of them, obviously there are others on my wish list- such as the MAC angled contour brush! *hint- mum if you're reading this*

For foundation my go-to brush is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (there will be a recurring theme with Real Techniques). It's a great size for foundation because it's not too small so doesn't take ages to blend foundation into my face and leaves a really nice finish. I found using a standard flat foundation brush left streaks on my face and didn't look too appealing.

Under my eyes I tend to apply concealer with my fingers, but for blemishes I use the Real Techniques (yep- here again) Expert Face Brush. It still puzzles me as to how people can apply their foundation with this brush as it's so tiny, but it's certainly great for concealer application and also applying powder in areas such as around the nose or under the eyes

When I first got into applying foundation and all that malarcky- I would use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Yep; I know, RT again!). But once I aquired the buffing brush I began to use the Stippling for blusher (After washing it of course! I'm not that bad!) and powdererd highlighters- it leaves such a gorgeous finish with blushes and really blends them in nicely.

All my brushes for my face seem to be Real Techniques! I should have called this post-  "My Real Techniques Collection" but they're genuinely a great, affordable brand to use, and also very easy to get hold of, both online and in drugstores- I would love to try out some other brands such as Crown or MAC, so if you've tried any of these and get on really well then comment below or tweet me links 

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