Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review: L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

OMG GUYS THIS MASCARA IS SOMETHING ELSE! Seriously, If you haven't tried it already, you really really need to! I noticed a couple of my friends have it and they have amazing lashes and also a LOT of youtubers seem to rave about it, so I thought- It's 3 for 2, why not give it a go? To say I'm glad I bought it, is an understatement- It's insane! No exageration my eyelashes literally doubled in length after one coat, I did find I needed to use an empty brush to seperate my lashes out a little- but that's just how I like my lashes. Lashes are quite a personal style, no? 
The brush is a plastic applicator and when I first saw it, I did wonder whether it would actually do anything as there seems to be nothing of it! But I was very wrong, I think the smaller applicator makes it easier to reach the base of the lashes, which is one of the reasons this mascara is so ace.
It cost around £10.99 so is on the pricier end of drug store cosmetics, but it's 100% worth every penny and is most definitely the best mascara I have used so far- so if you haven't ordered it/run down to Boots by now then you really should. I don't think it's raved about enough- or perhaps I'm just very late to jump on the band wagon?! 
To make it a little easier for you, I shall kindly put the link below hehe! 


  1. Oooh this at one point was my holy grail! I recently used the newer release version (False Lash Telescopic?) and love it too!!
    It really is fabbb, and on 3 for 2 it would be rude not to haha ;)

    Holly Mixtures

  2. I think it's become mine! It's insane haha! oooh I shall definitely have to try that one! Is it really different to the basic mascara? xoxo