Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review: No7 Concealer Stick

Do any of you end up with millions (slight exaggeration) of those £3 off No7 Cosmetics vouchers over the summer?! Basically; that's the story behind this concealer. I have always been intrigued by the No7 concealers as they don't seem to be that talked about-  I'd never really seen what the packaging looked like... (to many of you that may sound bizarre) BUT ANYWAY; I went ahead and asked the lovely woman at the counter about the concealer, she did the skin photograph whatchamacallit which suggested my foundation/concealer shade and tested out the concealer on my jaw line. 
I've never tried a concealer in this format, usually I go for the doe foot applicator and a liquidy concealer as they seem more moisturising and less likely to crease, but I was quite taken aback with how creamy the formula of this concealer was. It is less likely to crease than many stick concealers and seems to give a very full coverage, it's AMAZINGGG at covering up those dam spots which appear just when they are most unwanted (not that I ever enjoy a spot)! 
Price-wise; it's very good value, it was £7.50 (not including the vouchers) which isn't that much more than some of the standard drug store companies. I usually find No7 can be slightly pricey but not in this instance, so for £4.50 this was a pretty yummy concealer.
The only down side I can think of, is that I do find it slightly tricky to apply this concealer because I never know what the done thing is with stick concealers. Do you use a brush directly on the concealer to your blemish (And what brush?!), do you use a finger? I'm not so sure directly applying the stick to blemishes is wise (yes I did try and its really tricky around the eyes!). If any of you are able to solve my issue surrounding application then that would be great but otherwise I shall continue to enjoy this lovely, high coverage, creamy stick of goodness (that sounded rather odd, sorry!)

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