Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Yes... Another Nude Palette

When I ordered this palette, I wasn't sure whether another nude palette was a little too much, considering I completed my Urban Decay Naked Palette collection last year. But, none the less I ignored the angel in my head and purchased the MAC warm neutrals palette regardless. Some may say I don't need that many neutral eyeshadows, but in this case, I shall disagree.

* I will just put in an apology with the amount of MAC on my blog at the moment, only because it was my birthday and christmas, I think that's a good enough excuse* 

This palette costs around £65 which is an amazing price considering filling up your own palette with this many eyeshadows would cost around £170... so that's less that half the cost! Obviously, the only downside is that you can't take out the eyeshadows, but... fair enough for the price.

There is also a cool neutrals palette but personally I preferred the look of the warm palette simply because it contained more golds and coppers rather than silvers which I feel go a little better with my eye colour and I just prefer using those shades.

I would say though, I do find there is a lot more fall out with these shadows compared to the Urban Decay ones, but none the less, it's still a really nice palette and perfect for evening looks. I also love the mixture of undertones, the top row has much more purple/pink undertones, the middle row is a lot more orange/copper based and the last row is quite gold. But definitely a great purchase and such a bargain from MAC, such a good palette for anyone wanting to start out with MAC.

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